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 Frequently... and not so frequently asked questions

Are you full time Professional Musicians?

Yes, we are!


Do you play at many Weddings?

We now limit ourselves to 60 weddings a year, but have done over 100 a year in the past. We have played at over 1000 weddings in the past 15 years since we began (oh blimey!)


So you know what you're doing then?

We do, we know exactly what goes on at Weddings - when to start and stop playing wedding ceremony music, where the best place is to set up, what volume to play at, and will discretely take care of ourselves on arrival whilst liaising with the venue staff.


Do you provide everything you need for performing at a Wedding?

Yes, we have all the necessary equipment including a state-of-the-art, super dupa PA system that looks like a log burning stove, but sounds excellent. We even bring a packed lunch to save anyone the hassle and extra expense of feeding us... unless of course you insist :-)


How do we book you, and what happens?

Firstly, fill in the form on the 'Contact Us' page, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours with a quote and our availability. If you decide to book us, we get a little more info from you, and Email across a performance contract for you to check, sign, and return along with £100 deposit to secure our services for the date. We will then send out an invoice a month before your wedding for the final payment, and will call you for a chat to go over everything a  week before the big day.


What happens if things change?

If any details change – your address, phone number, email address, timings, different Bride or Groom (it has happened, just the once though!) Please let us know so we can amend our records. 


So what do you need from us on the day?

A little space for us to set up in, (2 x 2 m2 minimum) and a plug socket nearby. If you would like us to play outside (should the lovely British weather allow) again, please make sure that there is a power socket nearby that we can run our extension lead too. 


When will you arrive?

At the very least an hour before we are due to play, but we always leave bags of extra time incase of traffic so usually turn up before then! It takes us just 10 minutes to set up our equipment and have a quick sound check.


Your Set list is excellent, can we choose the songs you play?

Why thank you! and yes, choose everyone of them if you like. Otherwise just pick a few of your favourites for us to include and we'll play whatever suits the mood! If you really hate some songs too, just let us know and we'll avoid them. We play about 15 songs per 45 minute set, so 30 ish songs for 2 x 45 minute sets. It's perhaps best to choose songs nearer the time of your wedding, as we add new songs regularly. 

What's your 'Mango Jukebox'?

Our Mango Jukebox is simply our setlist in a frame, on a stand, with request slips and a pen dangling from it. Guests simply choose a song, write it down, and hand it to us. We then play it! This works really well, and will get your guests involved and really enjoying the music too.


Would you learn a special song for us?

We would love to - and really enjoy learning a song that really means something to a couple.


Can I come and see you play live anywhere?

We regularly perform at wedding fairs throughout the year at some lovely venues, where you can come and see us in action, shout out requests, heckle us, or just say hi and have a chat! All our dates are posted on our Facebook page under ‘Events’. 


Can we read more about the Weddings you've played at and other exciting news?

If you would like to know what we have been up to recently, read new and exciting news about us, or would like some ideas of what we have done at previous events, visit our Facebook Page, Instagram, and follow us on Twitter 


Is there any legal requirements that you should have as a band?

Yes, your venue may ask to see our PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) and PLI (Public Liability Insurance) certificates. We have both of these and can email them either to you, or straight to your venue – which is often easier. 



We hope we have covered everything – if not, send us an email at and we’ll answer any of your questions.

Thanks for reading all the way down here!

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